Overview of the attorney general office Arizona

Overview of the attorney general office Arizona :

The Office of the Attorney General of Arizona is the post of Chief Legal Officer for the State of Arizona in the United States. The Attorney General serves as the head of the Arizona state law department. The head office of the state law department is known as the Attorney General’s office. The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Arizona is the office of a constitutionally established officer. The Attorney General of Arizona has a term of 4 years and is elected by the people. The Arizona State Attorney General’s Office is the largest law office in the state of Arizona with approximately 400 attorneys and 1000 employees. By the year 2019, the Attorney General’s office was divided into the following departments.

  • Executive Office
  • Solicitor General
  • Operations
  • Child and Family Protection
  • State Government Division
  • Civil Litigation Division
  • Criminal matters office

The constitution of the state of Arizona requires all officers in the state’s executive department, including the attorney general.


For the post of Attorney General, you must be a citizen of at least 25 years a US citizen for 10 years, and a resident of the state of Arizona for 5 years. The constitution of Arizona State constitutionally establishes the office of the Attorney General but does not determine the powers of this office. Instead, the powers and duties of the Attorney General are decided by the Legislature of the State of Arizona.

Power function and duties of the Attorney General’s office: 

The Constitution of the State of Arizona dictates this. In this sequence, it was decided that the Law Department of Arizona State would work under the supervision of the Attorney General of Arizona State and work under his direction. If in any way   Arizona State is party intervenes in any case, it shall act on behalf of the State in all those defense and prosecution proceedings. In all courts of the state in which the state is a party in any way, the Attorney General will represent on behalf of the state, in addition to the presence of the state in any action in the federal court, the Attorney General’s office will act legally on behalf of the state. The Attorney General’s office will also do the work of supervision the attorneys of the County Court. Will assist county court lawyers in performing their duties as per rules under certain conditions. The Attorney General of the State of Arizona is responsible for providing a reasonable opinion to state officials in all legal proceedings and in questions of law. In addition, all such work as may be prescribed by law from time to time shall be done by the Attorney General’s office, which is entrusted through any law. The Office of the Attorney General of Arizona also represents and provides appropriate assistance in laws related to consumer protection and civil rights of citizens. Additionally, in complex financial crime cases and drug-related illegal cases, the Attorney General’s office takes appropriate action according to the law. The following honorable individuals have served as the Attorney General of the State of Arizona over various time periods.

Arizona Territory:-

Coles Bashford 1864–1866

John A. Rush 1866–1867

Granville Henderson Oury 1869

   E. McCaffry ca. 1872

Clark Churchill 1884–1887

Briggs Goodrich 1887–1888

John A. Rush 1888–1889

Clark Churchill 1889–1892

William Herring 1892–1893

John C. Herndon 1893

Francis J. Heney 1893–1895

Thomas D. Satterwhite 1895–1896

John Frank Wilson 1896–1897

  M. Frazier 1898

Charles F. Ainsworth 1898–1902

Edmund W. Wells 1902–1904

Joseph H. Kibbey 1904–1905

S. Clark 1905–1910

John B. Wright 1910–1912

State of Arizona: attorney general Arizona and constitution

1              George Purdy Bullard     Democratic         1912–1915

2              Wiley E. Jones                Democratic         1915–1921

3              W. J. Galbraith               Republican          1921–1923

4              John W. Murphy            Democratic         1923–1928

5              K. Berry Peterson          Democratic         1928–1933

6              Arthur T. LaPrade          Democratic         1933–1935

7              John L. Sullivan            Democratic          1935–1937

8              Joe Conway                   Democratic         1937–1944

9              John L. Sullivan            Democratic          1944–1948

10           Evo Anton DeConcini    Democratic         1948–1949

11           Fred O. Wilson               Democratic        1949–1953

12           Ross F. Jones                 Republican             1953–1955

13           Robert Morrison            Democratic             1955–1959

14           Wade Church                 Democratic             1959–1961

15           Robert Pickrell              Democratic            1961–1965

16           Darrell F. Smith             Republican            1965–1968

17           Gary K. Nelson              Republican           1969–1974

18           N. Warner Lee               Republican           1974–1975

19           Bruce Babbitt                 Democratic         1975–1978

20           Jack LaSota                    Democratic         1978–1979

21           Robert K. Corbin            Republican          1979–1991

22           Grant Woods                   Republican          1991–1999

23           Janet Napolitano              Democratic         1999–2003

24           Terry Goddard                 Democratic        2003–2011

25           Tom Horne                      Republican          2011–2015

26           Mark Brnovich                Republican          2015–present

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