Blue collar crime in united states : Types reason and solutions

What is an example of a blue-collar crime?

What is an example of a blue-collar crime?

Blue-collar crime is a major problem in the United States that affects a large portion of the population. Such crimes are often committed by economically and socially vulnerable people. Such crimes are generally not committed by professional and organized gangs. They are done due to emotional stress passion or greed. Blue-collar crime is divided into several parts, the major categories of which are as follows-

  Blue-collar crimes committed against property:-

In these types of crimes, criminals commit crimes against property, theft of a car, burglary in a house or bungalow,  and robbery are also included in similar type of crimes.

Violent crimes committed against the body:-Blue-collar crimes

This is also a category of blue-collar crime in which criminals target the human body. These types of crimes also include murder, rape, assault and mutilation.

Drug-related crimes:-

Drug-related crimes

This is also a type of blue-collar crime in the United States. In this category of crimes, criminals are involved in buying, selling, and trafficking drugs affecting a large section of society violating the law and order, and Creating a big problem for the system. Special punishment is provided for such crimes in the United States.

Other types of crimes:

These types of crimes include crimes related to prostitution, gambling, and various types of fraud. Criminals target the weaker sections of society or commit serious economic crimes out of greed. The number of such crimes in the United States is increasing day by day. It is being said that these types of crimes can also be related to mental diseases, but mainly their reasons are economic and social.

There are many reasons behind blue-collar crime in the United States, some of which are as follows-


Poverty and crime

Lack of resources is felt by the economically backward sections of the society, due to which they step into the world of crime. This type of crime has started increasing in abundance in the United States. By reducing the economic inequality, the poor sections of the society are benefiting. By running welfare schemes, these types of crimes can be controlled to a great extent.

Lack of education:-

Lack of education is also the main reason behind crimes. Criminals are not able to understand the consequences of the crime before committing the crime, due to which their life gets spoiled social problems also arise and the challenge of law and order arises before the state. These types of crimes can be prevented by raising the level of education. Lack of education sometimes does not create better employment opportunities for the weaker sections of society, due to which they get trapped in the quagmire of crime.


Unemployed people can quickly become attracted to crime because they always feel the lack of resources to support their family, due to which they can step into the world of crime and face a new problem in society. The challenge arises that by creating better employment opportunities, the unemployment rate can be reduced and the number of such crimes can be reduced as well.

Crimes committed by persons involved in drug addiction:

Drug addicts may turn to crimes to raise resources to support their addiction. Many times they need money to support their habits. They can become victims of bad habits and step towards crime. To prevent such crimes, the government runs social rehabilitation programs from time to time to eradicate drug addicts, due to which drug addiction is reduced in society and drug addiction is curbed. Socio-economic crimes arising from this segment can be stopped.

Mental Health Problems:

Due to biological and social reasons, mental problems may arise in many people. Many people may suffer from depression and may become separated from the mainstream of society. In such a situation, such people bring a new challenge in front of the government and society. These types of crimes can be prevented by getting treatment in rehabilitation centers. Stress is a major reason for mental health. Many times, stressed people are unable to control their stress in such a way that they lose consciousness in excitement and commit crimes.

What is the difference between blue-collar crime and white-collar crime?What is the difference between blue-collar crime and white-collar crime?

As mentioned earlier in this article, blue-collar crimes are mostly committed by the economically and socially marginalized people of the society, on the contrary, white-collar crimes are committed by those people who are more economically prosperous. And those who consider themselves above the law, while this is their illusion, in reality, it is not so, but many times, taking advantage of the shortcomings of the system, such criminals commit crimes due to greed and influence, keeping their backs clean in the society. Political influence and hold on the system create overconfidence and these types of criminals affect society on a large scale.

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