Attorney General of Alabama and legislation 

duties of attorney general Alabama

An introduction to the post of the attorney general of Alabama

The post of Attorney General of the State of Alabama of the United States of America is the rank of an elected constitutional officer of the State. The office of the Attorney General of Alabama is located in the capital of Alabama, Montgomery.

Who was the first attorney general of Alabama?

Mr. Henry Hitchcock was elected the first Attorney General of the State of Alabama in 1819. The post of Attorney General is a constitutional post of great responsibility in which many legal and constitutional obligations have to be fulfilled.Henry Hitchcock first attorney general of Alabama

Duties and Responsibilities of the Attorney General of Alabama?

According to the constitution of the state of Alabama and according to the laws prevailing in the state of Alabama, it is a major task of the Attorney General to assist the residents in getting justice according to the law.  Like the other states of the United States of America, the state of Alabama also holds the rank of Attorney General. The Attorney General is considered the chief defender of the laws of the state of Alabama. It is the responsibility of the attorney general of the state to represent as a lawyer for the state officials and represent the state in all matters brought before the law or court. He/she gives his/her presence and favors on behalf of the state. This is a position of great respect and responsibility. When the constitutionality of a law is questioned, the Attorney General acts as an advisor to the concerned state or local government on legal issues. When a legal question of any kind arises in various convictions including capital punishment, then the Attorney General’s job of advocating for the state is done.

Extra duties of the attorney general for consumer rights

The Attorney General can initiate legal action to protect the interests of consumers’ rights damaged by illegal commercial transactions over different periods of time. The Attorney General’s office is made up of 8 parts combined, and the following divisions include a General Crimes Division, a Public Corruption Division, a Civil Division, an Appellate Division, a Consumer Protection Division, a Constitutional Defense Division, and a Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

The legislature of the State of Alabama and the process of legislation

All laws in the Code of the State of Alabama are passed by the Legislature of the State of Alabama. It includes both the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama Senate. The House of Representatives has 105 members while the Senate has 35 members. Members of both boards are for a term of 4 years. Apart from this, they are not subject to any limit. Any law introduced in the Legislature is considered a bill. If this bill is approved by the Legislature then it is sent to more than one committee. These committees have the right to put it in the bill. Any kind of amendment can be suggested. After considering the suggested amendments, the bill moves forward legally, and after finalization in totality is decided through voting to decide whether the bill will take the form of law or not. If the bill is passed by the first house, then it goes through the same process as the second house. The second house may bring a separate resolution to amend the bill as long as there are disparities under the proposals the bill cannot be passed. Both houses must pass a final version of the bill before finalizing all differences. It is necessary to decide. The conclusion is that the same bill must be passed by both houses before it becomes law, thus the bill passed is reviewed by the Governor of the State of Alabama. The Governor can approve through the signature of the bill and in doing so, it converts into law. If the Governor cancels a bill sent by the legislature, the bill again comes to the legislature for consideration. The Bill requires a simple majority to override the veto made by the Governor thereafter. The legislature can pass a resolution to this effect and repeal or in effect the prohibition veto made by the Governor.

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